Ministries Overview

Each of us, by virtue of our baptism, is called by God to life of holiness.  Priests and laity live out that call out in somewhat distinct ways.  The lay faithful typically live out their call to holiness in the world through daily striving to live the gospel in their families and in the broader society and culture.  The vocation of the priest, on the other hand, is one of ministering to the faithful by teaching, sanctifying, and shepherding, which primarily happens in the parish.

Although the laity live out their baptismal call primarily in the world outside of the parish, they are also called to assist in the ministry of the priest by actively participating in the different ministries of the parish.  Our web page lists numerous opportunities that are available at St. Luke’s for you to share your time and talent with others and to help further the work of our parish family.  If you would like to assist with any of our important ministries, please contact the designated ministry leader or our parish office.